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Teacher Grants


The Disney Elementary School Education Foundation (DESEF) has opened round two of our grant award program for Walt Disney Elementary teachers and staff for the 2021-2022 school year. DESEF's mission is to enrich the academic, artistic, social, and athletic education of the school children at Walt Disney. The Grants for Teachers program is intended to supplement the ongoing efforts funded by DESEF, and to provide opportunities for new projects that enrich student learning. Grants of up to $1,000 can be awarded under the 2021-2022 program.  DESEF has $6,000 available for this round of grants. 
The DESEF Grants Evaluation Committee is comprised of the DESEF President, School Principal, and other parent volunteers.  The panel will review all qualified grant applications and make recommendations on funding. 
Grant Rules
  • Applicants must be a Walt Disney teacher or staff member.
  • Funding will be considered for activities and enrichment efforts that support DESEF’s mission. This includes support of STEM learning, enhancing reading for grade levels, social and emotional learning support, educational assemblies, music, technology, and any other materials or equipment that would enrich student learning. 
  • Each proposer is limited to 2 grant proposal submissions in this round. 
  • Proposers can be individual teachers or staff members, multiple teachers or staff, a combination of both. 
  • Efforts can be submitted for a single classroom, multiple classrooms, or cross grade levels.
Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
  • Relevance: Is the proposed project based on DESEF mission guidelines?
  • Impact: Does the proposed project have broad and lasting educational benefits within the school or community? Is the project or activity sustainable?
  • Scope: Does the proposed project support a diversity of learning styles, skill sets, needs, and worldviews?
  • Originality: Is the proposed project creative and novel? Is it similar to previously funded projects or ongoing programs? 
Please answer the following questions in your proposal:
  • Describe your proposal, why it is needed, and how it supports DESEF’s mission. Is there a targeted outcome or measure of success?
  • What students will your proposal impact? How does it support a variety of learning styles, needs, and world views? Will it have a long term impact on students? 
  • What sets your proposal apart from previously funded or ongoing projects at Walt Disney?
  • What materials are needed and what is the total cost (including tax)? Are the materials one time use or reusable for years to come?
  • How would you like DESEF to fund your materials? 
    • Direct Reimbursement
    • Purchase Order through Office charged to DESEF
    • Donors Choose Project (provide link)
Important Dates
November 29, 2021 – Submission Period Opens
December 22, 2021 – Submission Period Closes
January 2022 - Proposals will be reviewed by Grants Committee
January 13, 2022  – Finalists will be presented to DESEF Board for approval
January 14, 2022 - Results are distributed to all proposers
Note: Grant Proposals must be complete and submitted by the grant submission deadline to be considered. All grant proposals must be submitted through the DESEF online application portal. No paper submissions will be accepted.
Application Portal:
Contact Sujata Millick, DESEF Grants Chair: