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What Does Our PTA Do?

Established August 29, 1971 the Walt Disney Elementary PTA has been an integral part of the Disney Community in providing the extra curricular community building events and programs.
For information about any of our programs and events feel free to contact either the PTA President or the Program Chair.


Robin Anglin
Karen Torres
Executive Vice President
Lesley Stewart & Kristina Veronesi
VP Communications
Kiley Dinis
VP Programs
Adrienne Yasuda
Lyndsey Bonetti
Financial Secretary
Michelle Lankford
Helen Town
Kelly Walton


President: (Adrienne Yasuda). Fulfill Council-level responsibilities and attend District Committee Meetings. Attends monthly Parent Leader Meeting with Principal, DESEF Chair, and Site Council President.  The President will also be the PTA’s liaison with the school district and the school office, and the “public face” of PTA at Walt Disney. Attends District PTA Board meetings. Comply to follow the WD PTA bylaws and its assignments for monthly WD PTA meetings, Board roster and PTA Calendar, communications to the school community, Oversees Financial Team and Budget, Registration (welcome letter for registration packet) and talks at Back-to-School Night (September).
Executive VP: (Karen Torres) This officer position is a shadow to the president. Helps establish the budget for the next school year in consultation with President and Treasurer; also helps maintain the roster, the calendar, and the mission statement.  Time Commitment: Attend all PTA General and Exec Meetings (monthly 1.5 hours), plus an average of an hour a day plus, depending on how involved you want to be.
VP Communications: (Lesley Stewart & Kristina Veronesi) This officer position is responsible for distributing information to our community, through gathering articles and editing the weekly Walt Disney Parent Update newsletter, updating the calendar on the school’s website, and posting on our PTAWaltDisney FB page. Time Commitment: Attend all PTA General and Exec Meetings (monthly 1.5 hours), plus an average of an hour a day plus, depending on how involved you want to be.
VP Programs: (Kiley Dinis) This officer position is responsible for overseeing the different PTA program events -- making sure permits are pulled for each event, connecting with chairs to guide/remind them of publicity and communications, checking in with chairs to see if they need help, following up with them after the event. Time Commitment: Attend all PTA General and Exec Meetings (monthly 1.5 hours) plus help maintain email communications, permits and requirements of all the events (average an additional 1-2 hours a month).
Financial Secretary: (Lyndsey Bonetti) This officer position is responsible for collecting and maintaining records of all incoming funds to the PTA, assists with registration and membership collections (keep track for membership) and works with Treasurer. Responsible for Cash registry, file licences required to run PTA activities and form 1099.  Oversees Chairs of: Boxtops, Donations, Facility Permits and Grants. Average 5 hours a month, more in August (registration), and penny wars time. Time Commitment: Attend all PTA General and Exec Meetings (monthly 1.5 hours), plus an additional 1-2 hours a month.
Treasurer: (Nausheen Miza) The custodian of all PTA Funds.  Responsible for maintaining and reporting financial records to general membership each month in Report and Budget update. Take care of reimbursement request signed by President. Tracking and paying outgoing checks.Maintain the original legal documents, follow deadlines for treasury and finance related application and renewals (insurance, fees, dues, tax return, audit). Work with Financial secretary and Auditor.  Average of 5-7 hours a month.
Secretary: (Robin Anglin) Responsible for keeping an official record for each PTA general and executive meeting. Average of 5-7 hours a month.
Auditor: (Michelle Lankford) Reviews and audits all PTA checks and bank accounts, and completing all required paperwork. Average 5-7 hours, twice a year.
Parliamentarian: (Steph Tornberg & Helen Town) Makes sure that all meeting procedures are carried out according to PTA bylaws.
Principal/Teacher Rep: Kelly Walton & Kyla Tuell
Box Tops: (Candace Lopes) Organize events to encourage the collection of box tops, collect and submit.
Breakfast Book Club: (Lesley Stewart & Robin Anglin) Coordinate and support the volunteers for food and discussion groups, order books and run the monthly events on the first Wednesday of the month before school from November to June.
Diversity Fair: (Ambika Jamwal, Nithya Nair, & Anna Lee) The Diversity Fair is a chance for our wonderfully culture-rich community to share their different traditions and unique character. Parents and students come dressed in traditional cultural clothing and share a favorite dish for everyone to try.
Fall Festival: (Traci Marglon) The Fall Festival is a fun celebration of all things fall; harvest, Boo, Columbus, and the end of daylight saving. Coordinate volunteers, market, order supplies and run an October event. This position will coordinate, plan, and manage our school festival held in the fall. Depending on the scope of the event, the time commitment varies.  
Family Fun Night: (Kiley Dinis) Determine desired events, then coordinate volunteers and help run events for our Disney Community.  Previous events include Game Night and Movie Nights. (2 to 4 events per year- November, December, April & June). Time commitment is approximately 1-3 hours of planning per event and the event itself.
Field Day: (Kyle Domergue) Occurs near the end of the school year. Determine events, coordinate volunteers and run this fun school day event in May.
Fifth Grade Fundraising/Promotion: (Steph Tornberg) Help plan and coordinate the 5th Grade Clap Out celebration at the end of the school year.  Help supplement the costs of the celebration through coordinating concession stand fundraising at a few PTA events throughout the year. 
Health and Wellness: (Kiana Hensen) Facilitate activities for Red Ribbon Week. Attend district meetings. and share and implement ideas on keeping our community healthier.  
Hospitality: (Lyndsey Bonetti & Patty Feger) Coordinate volunteers, market and run events during the first few months of the year for Welcome Back Coffee (First Week) and Pastries for Parents (Book Fair weeks).
Inclusion & Diversity: (Stephan Meynier) Attend district meetings to share and implement different activities for our community including awareness weeks and an International Night/Diversity Fair.
Meet & Greet: (Karen Torres & Candace Lopes) Arrange and supervise summertime play date for incoming TK/K/Newcomer students to meet one another before school starts.
Membership: (Lyndsey Bonetti) Coordinate membership drives 2 or 3 times a year, hand out cards, order communicated perks, keep track of member names and totals,
communicate with Financial secretary as needed.
Reflections: (Karen Torres)  Reflections is a National PTA cultural arts competition. This program provides the opportunity to students to use their creative talents in original artwork with Literature, Music composition, Photography, Visual Arts, Film/Video and Dance. the Workshop and juried selections in school are done in October and November. Coordinate and run our portion of the National PTA art recognition and achievement program for students - October through December (for exhibitions).
Registration: (Brad Town) Organize and coordinate the online and onsite registrations. Run the onsite registration event including coordinating with DESEF and the school. Contribute PTA information to the PTA pages of the online registration and ensure that all information is included as needed.
Room Parent Coordinator: (Elise August & Candace Lopes) Coordinate and support Room Parents to help in each classroom.
Run Club: (Jennifer Lato) A weekly event for the students and their families, to promote the students learning healthy choices including exercise.  Run Club takes place Friday mornings in the half hour before school, weather permitting.
Run for Education: (Vanessa Nemcik) This annual October event is organized by the San Ramon Valley Education Foundation and highly attended and appreciated. The WD coordinator needs to communicate all materials and support participants and convince the principal to attend so WDPTA will get a financial bonus. Time Commitment: the event itself plus 1-3 hours in planning in the months leading up to the event.
Science Fair: (Sonia Pawlak) The PTA science week is to complement the WD science curriculum, including a 4th and 5th grade “planning investigation,” giving them a chance to display their work at the Science Fair.
Science Garden: (OPEN) Maintain the school garden through volunteers all year long.  Encourage teachers and staff to utilize the space as part of their curriculum.
Sister School: (OPEN) Organize charity events for our community and students to benefit our sister school in Fremont Elementary in Antioch, CA.
Social Media: (Shubhla Jotwani) Follows PTA and school rules for posting, use social media to market our purpose and events.
Special Needs: (Stephan Meynier) Attend district meetings to share and implement in our community different speakers, events, awareness weeks etc, and ensure that all students’ needs are taken into account.
Staff Appreciation: (Jennifer Lato) Organize and coordinate food item donations for brunch and lunch food events in appreciation of the Walt Disney staff.
Talent/Variety Show: (OPEN) Coordinate, market and run a spring Talent/Variety Show. The variety show usually consists of a “preview day,” four rehearsals, a Run Through, a Dress Rehearsal and 2 shows (one during the school day, one in the evening) plus decorating and scheduling. Depending on the scope of the event, the time commitment varies, but an average would be 25 hours.
Website: (OPEN) Maintain the PTA webpage and assist with website.  This could be a joint PTA/DESEF position. Excellent job to do from home, off hours.
Yearbook: (Dushyant Jotwani) Collect pictures and design the school yearbook; photography, layout, order and delivery.
***If you are interested in filling any open position, please contact