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Support Services

The following services are available to students at Walt Disney. Please see the Staff Directory for current contacts.

The Gifted and Talented Program is integrated into the regular education classrooms. Appropriate enrichment and higher critical thinking activities are provided within the classroom. Leadership roles are encouraged in the classroom when appropriate and in Student Leadership activities.  Our School Site Council assists in organizing additional enrichment activities. For questions, contact our GATE liaison Becky Rodriguez

We have guidance services provided by a school psychologist on a scheduled basis during the year.  The duties of the guidance person are:
1.     To handle referral cases from teachers and parents who have concerns about their child.
2.     To assist with the testing of students with possible special needs.
3.     To meet with parents and teachers to assist with strategies to help children.
4.     To provide individual or group counseling when needed.
We also have the Rainbow Program and the Discovery Center Student Counseling Intern Program (SCIP) on a limited basis to support our students’ social/emotional needs. Please contact our school psychologist or Rainbow paraprofessional for more information (see Staff Directory).  


The “Dragon Academy” is a referral based, academic intervention program for students who require more intensive interventions than is possible within the general classroom. The interventions are skills based and research proven. The Dragon Academy staff works together with the classroom teachers and other staff to provide students another level of academic support.


Our Disney Education Foundation (DESEF) provides service of a Media Coordinator who is available on a regular basis to work with students, staff and parents.  This person will provide library assistance to children on a scheduled basis, assist in student research, provide resource services to parents and teachers, and assume leadership and control in developing the library into a media center.  


The Student Success Team (SST) is a school site team that reviews an individual student’s strengths and areas of concern. The SST identifies strategies and organizes resources for addressing academic, social, emotional and attendance concerns. The team will include the child’s parents or guardians, the teacher referring the student to the SST, additional teachers, support personnel and an administrator. For more information, contact Geoff Peppler.

We have the services of a Speech and Language Therapist. This service shall be offered to any child who qualifies for speech and language therapy. The teacher should be aware of such children and make referrals as soon as possible. The schedule for this service will be established after school opens. If a parent or teacher has a concern regarding a child’s communication skills, please feel free to contact the Speech and Language Therapist for a consultation at any time. 

A Resource Specialist is on campus to service students who have been identified with a learning disability. The Resource Specialist coordinates referrals from the regular classroom teacher to help determine if assessment for special education eligibility is necessary. They assist the classroom teacher in accommodating and/or modifying the classroom curriculum to meet the needs of special education students.